Weird Year

by Weird Year

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released May 25, 2015

Recorded/mixed by Lealand Grauwiler (
Mastered by Sal Duncan (



all rights reserved


Weird Year Edmonton, Alberta

Dissonant hardcore from Edmonton, Canada.

Members of: Daydreaming, Book of Caverns, Spaewife, Falsehood, Tuques, Jyoti.

Ex: Mahria, KALI, Maus, Cope, Snic, Wolfgoat, Failgiver, Crippled Children.

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Track Name: Two
existence for everyone!
i won't objectify either side
because skin isn't skin
yet each glance is sweetness stolen
i've learned to find the gold in shit
well, whats left of it because
youth is a lie and death is a truth
i'm not sorry but i blame you
because i don't identify
let me stand on your shoulders
let me climb let me compress your spines
more height more weight
more height more weight
existence for everyone!
i exist
but that does not mean that i agreed to it
poured into our skin
theres a god within us
a universe
lets scrape the surface you and i
given some but not too much
its probably just enough
and timed to the hour to the minute to the second
punishment! punishment!
Track Name: Five
prove it
prove it to her that your chemicals work
can you show her that you were worth the pain?
worth that hurt from a painful birth and
the death of the self that a mother endures
and your first breath
and that painful test
and your gross adolescence
and your selfish debt
prove to her that your chemicals work and
the methods and efforts that her child exerts
will be just
and pure
and honest
and most certainly never pervert

prove it to her
who in this room can prove that they are pure?
Track Name: One
fucking white dick
boiling blood
rock hard
born sharp
die dull
what else can you be?

you're hot wet thriving garbage
and you've got those nice 'white eyes'
and i go - go right through you
in a bloodshot line.
and you abuse and you offend
your needs not met flesh as payment
and you abuse with your privilege
and you abuse without consent

who the fuck are you without her?
Track Name: Three
prove it
all talk
all words
show me

show me strength - strength with compassion
show me strength - strength with empathy
show me love
show me please
show me strength - strength with an open mind
show me love
show me please
show me strength with an open heart
show me love
Track Name: Four
the human body set in motion
the human mind absorbs
the human being infinite
its the human being adored
i've seen beautiful faces and they've got that nice veneer
your favourite flavour is summer and summer is always here
so afraid of getting old but so afraid of dying young
those sweet songs of summer loving drip like syrup from your tongue
down onto your chin
but don't hate yourself for being born
hate yourself for not doing more
think of all those seeds not sewn
and then hate yourself some more
that which is expensive
can be found for free
if you know where to look
good bye friends and family
good bye flesh identity